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Most of us would have experienced the tragic moment of accidentally dropping our sparkling new iPad2 only to find that since it landed face down on the ground, it has lost its screen. If you go to Apple for some iPad repairs, you may be set back by more than 100 dollars. However, with the DIY iPad repair mentioned here, you can carry out a screen replacement in under $40.

Here is what you will need for the iPad repair:

1. A new iPad2 glass which can easily be found on eBay by the name of iPad2 glass or iPad2 digitizer/glass combo.

2. A number of prying tools; a guitar pick works just fine. Most of the digitizers sold on eBay come along with relevant tools.

3. iPad2 double side contact which again comes with the digitizer. This is different from a regular double sided tape since it is much stronger and thinner.

4. A small size screwdriver which can again be bought along with the digitizer on eBay.


1. Remove the broken screen:

The fact that you landed on this article reveals that you have been researching on iPad 2 screen replacement and would have seen enough videos by now which show the glass being taken out nicely in one piece. However, it may not happen here because the glass is cracked already and has a number of weak points. Remove the major glass pieces first and then the smaller fragments.

Remember, iPad repair takes time and it shall be an even more time consuming process to remove the screen. Also, it may result in small glass fragments scattering around and hence it is recommended to carry out the replacement at a place where you will not be annoyed by such fragments.

Insert the guitar pick between the glass and the case on the seam to remove the screen. The iPad2 is held together by a tape with glue on both sides and hence requires slow and gradual removal of the glass. You need to be extra cautious while working near the home button and the volume controller. There is a tiny cable near the volume rockers which you would certainly not want to sever because this will make the power button stop working.

Till this point your main aim is not to remove the glass but only to unstick it. There is a cable on the bottom left corner that will not allow you to pull the glass yet. Therefore just pay attention to separating it from the glue.

2. Digitizer cable:

After having de-glued the screen, open it as if it were a book. You will notice that the two halves are still connected by the digitizer cable. Remove the digitizer cable by removing the four screws that keep the screen held in position. Now lift the old screen instead of pulling it and disconnect the old cable.

3. Removing the home button and glass fragments:

Remove the home button and any stuck up glass pieces. Try not to leave fingerprints. After removing the screws, take out as much assembly as you can and leave the one that is glued since it will have to be pried off.

4. Reassemble:

If your iPad2 has a protective sticker, remove it now.

Place the Home button in the new digitizer and glue it using the double sided tape.

Reconnect the digitizer

Screw back the four small screws to fasten the screen.

Place the double sided tape that came with the digitizer on the iPad but do not expose the side facing the screen.

Place the screen and test it.

If it works, remove the paper of the tape and place the glass.

This guide to iPad repair will certainly allow you to replace your iPad’s screen without burning a big hole in your pocket. However, should you find it difficult to do it yourself it is wise to resort to a professional iPad repair service.

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